Friday, July 12, 2024
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Jason Boser explains how to filet a northern pike, avoiding the Y bones


Jason Boser demonstrates how to filet a northern pike caught in a Northern Minnesota lake. Northern are notorious for the "Y" bones, a line of small, Y-shaped bones that run along both sides of the fish, below the spine and just behind the head. These bones are difficult to eat around, and a skilled fisherman can easily remove them while preserving a good amount of meat from the filet. 

Watch the video to learn more.


Video Comments

"I fish a lot and keep mostly Walleyes, just recently started eating Northerns. This is my favorite pike fillet video, this guy is fast and there is less wast then the "5 cut boneless method, he makes it look so easy. I watch this video just before I cleaned my first Northern, worked great! THANKS!"

"Still the most concise video I have seen on how to filet a northern. Thanks a bunch... as I no longer throw them back when I catch them in the Quetico."

"Very well done! It's nice to see a video of someone cleaning a fish who actually knows what they are doing! Keep up the good work!"

"This video needs upvoted. I found it 14 years ago, and it’s hard to find because of the countless other videos on the subject. This one has the best zooms, and slow explanation, and the only one with a fish mugging."

"Pike are a very tasty fish, but the bones deter a lot of people. Thanks for posting this!!"

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